• Non-Disclosure Agreements


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    What Business and Technical Leaders need to know about Non-Disclosure Agreements.

    Enterprise-wide NDA training is critical to protecting your confidential/proprietary information, trade secrets, and other intellectual property; assets that give you a competitive advantage in a highly competitive world. When disclosing your secrets to another party, your NDA might be the only thing standing between your secrets and wide disclosure to the general public; destruction of your intellectual property. But, NDAs are signed way too often by people across an enterprise who pay way too little attention to what they are signing. And, all NDAs aren’t equal. Some don’t even protect YOUR disclosures. Some NDAs are already expired before you start disclosing. Some NDAs permit the other party to do whatever they want with your trade secrets after a few years. Some NDAs don’t protect oral disclosures. Simply, when considering a disclosure of your secrets to anyone, you need to not only have an NDA in place, but you need to understand it, and be certain that it protects what you need it to protect.


    Non-Disclosure Agreements Module 1 

    Key Components to a typical NDA.


    Non-Disclosure Agreements Module 2

    Common NDA Mistakes to be avoided.