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- University Students and Professors
- Independent Inventors & Entrepreneurs

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Our mission is to help you create a strong intellectual property culture across your organization.

IP: The Movie

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Intellectual property is changing everything for businesses. 

Massive IP opportunties and equally massive IP risks are everywhere.  We all need to speak the language of IP.  This movie will help you to do that. 

Watch as Imagine Enterprises realizes the importance of IP almost too late as they race to get to market.


Our Clients Say:

This program is easy to digest and it gives me the information I need to be more effective in business…and, as Tom puts it, to be part of the IP conversation.  I now see IP issues I never appreciated before.  I spend way more time consulting with our IP department.  And, for a training program, it is surprisingly motivational.  When a class ends, I actually look forward to seeing the next one.