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    The Importance of Correctly Marking Technical Data Under U.S. Goverment Contracts.

    In this time of rapidly changing technology, trade secrets can provide a competitive advantage and be the cornerstone of an effective IP portfolio. For many companies, effective protection of proprietary information and trade secrets can be significantly more valuable than patents or any other form of IP. But, when delivering technical data under a US Government contract, your trade secrets are at substantial risk. Simply, a failure in marking could be devastating to you. One marking failure in connection with your technical data could lead to the permanent destruction of your trade secret rights, and at the same time result in the delivery of a huge advantage to your competitors.

    In this program we will inform you of the risks and how to properly mitigate those risks across your enterprise.


    Marking of Technical Data Module 1 - Risks Associated with Improper Marking

    This module describes some of the key risks in failing to properly mark technical deliverables in connection with US government contracts, such as the loss of Trade Secrets.


    Marking of Technical Data Module 2 - Categories of US Government Rights

    This Module describes the categories of US government rights including Unlimited, Limited Rights, Restricted Rights, Government Purpose Rights, and Specially Negotiated Rights.


    Marking of Technical Data Module 3 - Key Terms when Marking

    This Module describes several key terms associated with the marking rules such as Technical Data, Non-technical data, Deliverables, and Computer Software.


    Marking of Technical Data Module 4 - Marking Best Practices

    This Module describes several key terms and best practices associated with the marking such as Data Rights Assertion Table, Marking, and Portion Marking.