Anti-Counterfeiting of Intellectual Property

Anti-Counterfeiting of Intellectual Property

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on counterfeit products every year. The problems with these illegal products are more than just the money lost and consumers tricked - they can be dangerous!

What is Anti-Counterfeiting of Intellectual Property?

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on illegally counterfeiting, pirating, and knocking-off products in the marketplace every year. All kinds of products are vulnerable to counterfeiting, pirating, or being knocked off, such as: drugs, clothing brands, parts of automobiles and aircraft, electronics, software, movies, and everything in between. And because these products are often made in countries with cheap labor, few regulations, and little oversight, increased globalization yields more of these illegal goods. The problem with these illegal products is more than just the money lost and consumers tricked, they can be dangerous!

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