What do you need to know about Antitrust Laws?

Antitrust – Sherman Act, Clayton Act, and FTC Act

While there are antitrust laws all over the world, the foundational antitrust laws in the US are the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, and the FTC Act. It’s ctitical that you understand the fundamentals of these laws if you’re doing business in the US. Why? Because competition is critically important to us all. Competition keeps prices down and quality up. Without antitrust laws, we wouldn’t have competition, and we would be at the mercy of monopolies who could charge us as much as they want and treat us terribly.

But, that’s not the only reason you need to understand the basics of these laws.  Another reason is because the consequences for violating antitrust laws are frightening. Violations include fines that can push you and your business into financial ruin,and there are criminal penalties that can land you in a place you do not want to be…prison!

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