Confidential Information

What do you need to know about Confidential Information?

Corporate Training for Confidential Information  

Confidential information! Mention that term to anyone and, yes, they’ll recognize it.  They’ll probably even smile and nod. But, few people really understand confidential information or actually appreciate the impact these corporate secrets have on an enterprise; particularly when they’re lost or stolen. For many companies, confidential information is their lifeblood, and the sanctity of that confidential information is the only barrier between them and capitulation to their competitors.

The challenge for companies, of course, is that confidential information isn’t locked away in a safe to be guarded by armed guards.  It’s everywhere; computer hard drives, jump drives, emails, filing cabinets, and even the heads of employees all over the world.  Simply, risks of unintended or unlawful disclosures are everywhere.  These risks are immeasurably increased, though, when employees don’t understand confidential information or their obligations with respect to the protection of those secrets.  What’s needed is enterprise-wide training; training that people will pay attention too, embrace even.

Fortunately, we have the perfect training program on the subject of Confidential Information for you. And, since we know you’re busy and probably don’t have time to sit through one long training session, our program is comprised of  video-based Modules and Micro-Modules which means you and your colleagues can watch it all at once or chip away at it over time. Importantly, our Confidential Information program is fast, engaging, and compelling. Just what you and your team need to know, nothing more. Contact us today to get a demo copy of our content library or explore more about Executive IP’s approach to Confidential Information training.