Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing)

What do you need to know about Confidential Reporting, or Whistleblowing?

Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing)

Confidential Reporting, or whistleblowing, is alerting authorities that a business, government agency, or individual is engaged in some type of illegal, unsafe, or, corrupt activity.  Anyone can be a whistleblower.  In fact, the world needs more whistleblowers.  From top to bottom, whistleblowers are critically important to enterprise.  Why? Because if left unchecked, illegal, unsafe, or corrupt activity can cause a lot of harm to a lot of people; harm that can manifest itself in financial ruininjuries, and even death.  Simply, we need whistleblowers to be our eyes and ears to ferret out and report wrongdoers before their conduct results in catastrophe.   

But, whistleblowers are too few and too far between because of fear; fear of retribution from wrongdoers who are often in powerful positions.  Most people don’t know there are laws in place to protect whistleblowers from retribution.   

So, what’s needed is training. Fortunately, we have the perfect training program for you.  In addition to being high-energy, fast, and engaging, with music, graphics, and animations, our video-based program is comprised entirely of micro-modules. So, there’s no need to get bored to death sitting through one, long video.  Instead, you can chip away at it a few minutes at a time.

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