Cyber Risk Awareness

What do you need to know about Cyber Risk Awareness?

Cyber Awareness and Data Protection (2 Modules and 14 Micro-Modules)

Cyber awareness, cyber security, data protection, information privacy.  By these or any other names, the message is the same. Cyber criminals are everywhere, working day and night to steal our confidential information, our trade secrets, our proprietary data, our protected health information, our personally identifiable information, and any other information that will help them take everything we have spent our careers, our lifetimes building. And, these cyber criminals are not pimple-faced 14-year-olds working from their bedrooms or basements. These are well funded crime syndicates. In some cases these are nation-states. They have all the resources and tools to exploit any and all cyber weaknesses. Simply, cyber criminals are working diligently, right now, to access our computers and devices.

Yes, our IT professionals and anti-virus companies are building bigger and stronger walls every day. Nevertheless, breaches still occur, every day. Why? Because the technical walls we build are only part of our cyber defense. More and more, breaches are occurring because of the behaviors of employees across every enterprise. Think about it, all employees have their own online behaviors, and most of them are totally unaware of the cyber dangers around every corner. Every individual across every company is a potential weak point in our cyber defenses. And, as the number of employees increases, so do the opportunities for cyber criminals to break into our networks, spread malware across our enterprises, and steal our confidential information.

So, what is needed? Enterprise-wide training on cyber awareness to enable all employees to create safe cyber habits both at work and at home (by the way, the line between the two is rapidly disappearing).

Fortunately, we have the perfect video-based cyber awareness training program for you. Rather than watching one, long video, our program is broken up into micro-modules so you and your colleagues can chip away at it over time; whenever and wherever you want. Importantly, our videos are fast, efficient, and compelling. Just what you and your team need to know, nothing more. Contact us today to get a demo copy of our content library or explore more about Executive IP’s approach to Cyber Awareness Corporate Training.