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What do you need to know about the FCPA?

Anti-Bribery and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Corrupt business practices always diminish the integrity of our worldwide business community and create massive problems for global competition, bribery in particular. We all need to care about this. Why? Because governments all over the world care about it. They care so much about fighting corruption that most have created anti-corruption laws (also called anti-bribery laws) with harsh penalties for both companies and individuals alike. As well, to ensure that these laws have teeth, most nations have built well-funded enforcement organizations and staffed them with brilliant and aggressive professionals. And, it’s not just law enforcement organizations that are on the lookout. Most laws inclulde incentives for whistleblowers that are generous enough to encourage anyone to turn in violators. Because of this, if you engage in corrupt business practices, you risk losing everything. You could lose your business, your career, your savings, and even your liberty. That’s right. If you are convicted of violating business corruption laws, not only can you be left in financial ruin, but you can end up in prison, for years!

And, you need to appreciate that penalties for corruption can sting you even if you aren’t corrupt.  How is this possible? Well, under the terms of many of these laws, your company can incur massive fines for actions you aren’t even aware of; actions of your employees, your agents, and even companies you’ve acquired. For this reason, anti-corruption training across your enterprise is critical.

Fortunately, we have developed a fantastic corporate training program on the subject of Anti-Bribery for you. Since it’s comprised of short modules and micro-modules, our program is highly flexible. If you’re a training administrator, you can design a unique curriculum for each target audience by simply selecting modules and micro-modules from our library. And, in addition to pushing training out to your colleagues, you can use our video-based FAQ to serve as a resource page for questions that come up throughout the year.

The flexibility of our modularized program is also advantageous if you’re a trainee. You can either watch the entire program all at once, or you can chip away at it over time; whenever and wherever you want. Regardless of which appproach you select, though, our program is fast, efficient, and compelling. Just what you and your team need to know, nothing more. Contact us today to get a demo copy of our content library, or to explore more about Executive IP’s approach to training for laws related to Anti-Corruption.