Insider Trading

What do you need to know about Insider Trading?

Insider Trading Laws

A general understanding of Insider Training laws is surprisingly important to the health of your business. Why? Because the strength of our economy, the ability for people to buy what you sell, is tightly interwoven with the strength of our stock market. And the stock market is highly dependent upon the belief by investors in its legitimacy; belief that there’s a level playing field. For this reason, Insider Trading laws cast an extremely broad net and are prosecuted vigorously by the SEC and DOJ; agencies with deep resources and sharp teeth. Simply, if members of your team find themselves on the wrong side of these laws, the consequences to both your company and to the individuals involved can be devastating; millions in fines and years in prison.

For these reasons, you need to train your enterprise with corporate training programs that people will actually pay attention to. Fortunately, we have developed a fantastic video-based corporate training program on Insider Trading. Since our program is  comprised of  five micro-modules, each with durations of between one and nine minutes, our program is highly flexible. If you’re a training administrator, you can design a unique curriculum for each target audience by simply selecting micro-modules from our library. And, in addition to pushing training out to your colleagues, you can use our video-based FAQ to serve as a resource page for questions that come up throughout the year.

The flexibility of our modularized program is also advantageous if you’re a trainee. You can either watch the entire program all at once, or you can chip away at it over time; whenever and wherever you want. Regardless of which appproach you select, though, our program is fast, efficient, and compelling. Just what you and your team need to know, nothing more. Contact us today to get a demo copy of our content library, or to explore more about Executive IP’s approach to training for the Insider Trading.

Our Insider trading program is comprised of five Micro-Modules.