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Welcome to the Rolls-Royce IP Training videos portal.   These are short and engaging videos related to patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, confidentiality and other related topics. Just what you need to know, nothing more!


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Intellectual Property and Innovation


Patent Fundamentals


How to Read a Patent


Trademark Fundamentals


Copyright Fundamentals


Prior Art


Non-Disclosure Agreements


Interacting with Patent Counsel


Trade Secrets


IP in Social Media


Export Control Laws


Executive IP: The Movie


Pitching Innovation


IP Ownership and Business Relationships


Contract Fundamentals




Confidential Information


Marking of Documents for US Government



Micro Modules


IP Micro-Modules


Patent Micro-Modules


Prior Art Micro-Modules


Contracts Micro-Modules


NDA Micro-Modules


Trade Secret Micro-Modules


Document Retention Micro-Module


Trademark Micro-Modules


Copyright Micro-Modules