IP Training for Sales & Marketing

Why should Sales and Marketing understand IP?

Why do Sales and Marketing professionals need to know anything about intellectual property? In the marketplace of today, IP is ubiquitous. It touches almost every part of businesses. Sales and Marketing professionals are on the front lines. They’re the face and the eyes. They see things in the marketplace before everyone else. They enter into agreements with clients, contractors and vendors. They see competitors and their products at trade shows and industry events. They create promotional material and presentations. They leverage social media to spread messages. Simply, because of their role, Sales and Marketing professionals have IP opportunities and risks all around them. We’ve developed a modularized IP training program that’s tailored to Sales and Marketing professionals. It’s fast, efficient, and convenient. Just what your team needs to know, nothing more. Contact us today to get a demo copy of our content library, or to explore more about Executive IP’s approach to training Sales and Marketing Professionals