Packaging Mishaps: Don’t Let Them Diminish Your Brand!

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Packaging Mishaps: Don’t Let Them Diminish Your Brand!

Did you know that a few small packaging errors can tarnish the hard work you’ve put into creating the perfect trademark for your product or service? It’s true! Imagine investing a fortune in R&D, assembling an incredible marketing team, and nailing the design, only to have packaging mishaps ruin it all. 

So, here are six tips to help you avoid packaging blunders:

1️⃣ Remember, your trademark is the star of the show! While packaging may require information, never let it overshadow your brand. Let your trademark shine, as it creates an emotional connection and drives consumer desire.


2️⃣ Beware of stickers! They can be added by others after the packaging design is finalized, potentially covering vital elements like your trademark, instructions, or barcodes. Don’t let your product turn into something “nasty” due to a sticker mishap!


3️⃣ Accuracy is key! Ensure that your packaging depicts the correct product and information. A picture of eleven nuggets when there are only ten, or labeling peaches as tomatoes, can harm your brand’s credibility in the age of social media.


4️⃣ Mind the cut-outs! Be cautious about placing cut-out holes in cardboard, like handles. A baby’s face obscured by a handle that makes it look like they’re eating diapers is definitely a packaging blunder to avoid.


5️⃣ Appeal to your target consumer! Align your packaging with your audience’s preferences. High-end users deserve classy packaging, while children might appreciate bright colors and playful fonts. And don’t forget eco-conscious consumers—avoid excessive plastic layers!


6️⃣ Make it easy to open! While some level of security is necessary, ensure that genuine consumers can access your product without frustration. Difficult-to-open packaging leads to negative experiences and can steer customers away from your brand.


Remember, packaging is the final piece of the puzzle that brings your product to life on store shelves. So, pay attention to the details, avoid these mishaps, and let your trademark shine bright!

Packaging Mishaps: Don’t Let Them Diminish Your Brand!